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Will You Shop Small this Saturday?

20 Nov

We’re nearing the end of November, and everyone knows what that means for shoppers nationwide: the nightmare that is Black Friday. But what if you want a calmer shopping experience that helps boost your community while slimming down your holiday shopping list? Simply stop by Balloon Crew (and other small businesses) on November 24 for Small Business Saturday!

“Small businesses fill our days with the things we need and help keep our communities thriving.” –American Express SBS Informational Packet

That’s right – Small Business Saturday (SBS) is right around the corner, and your local storeowners can’t wait to see you! But there’s even more incentive than seeing a friendly face greet you at the door: many small shops are offering BIG discounts on what you want most, even your favorite party decor! View the below coupon to see Balloon Crew’s cool SBS deal.

And don’t worry – we didn’t just imagine this celebratory day. It’s actually sponsored by many big corporations: American Express is even creating an online directory of small businesses across the US, and they’re offering a $25 statement credit on any new credit card used to shop at a small business on the 24th!

Plus, SBS is for a good cause. For instance, did you know that small businesses fuel 44% of U.S. private payroll? Or that they created 65% of new jobs between 1992 and 2009? That’s a big economic impact, but can’t continue unless local shopping keeps up!

“For every $100 spent at small businesses, $68 returns to the community.” -Civic Economics

And did we mention you’ll be greeted with a smile, not a rehearsed slogan?

Spend the 24th starting your holiday gift and party shopping or recovering from the hours you wasted in the cold waiting for stores to open the day before. Either way, you’re sure to have a warm, wonderful time chatting with the friendly neighborhood storeowners you never had the chance to meet before, including Balloon Crew Owner Jacquie Sopko-Crolius!

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