Who We Are

Balloon Crew, Inc. | 8805 Garfield Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44125 | 216.341.5100

Jacqueline Sopko-Crolius founded Balloon Crew, Inc. in 1990 as an off-shoot of “Balloons to You,” a retail singing operation she co-owned since 1981. Since Jacquie went solo, she and her Crew Members have worked diligently to put together a network of dedicated individuals, corporate clients, wedding consultants and beaming brides.

Our management staff includes:

Jacquie Sopko-Crolius, Supreme Commander and one of only 2,200 “certified” balloon artists in the world.

Susan Hart, VP of Fun and Festivities, organizes the design teams and follows up with our clients to make sure they are happy with the quality of our services.

Amy Feketik, Social “Media” Butterfly, keeps us connected with our customers via Facebook and our blog and website.

Jessie Karson, Creative Consultant, puts the finishing touches on our balloon decor.

Sarah DeCarlo, Expert Blogger, informs readers about what’s going on at BCI and in the event decorating business.


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