Cool Things You Can Do With Balloons You Would Never Have Thought Of

23 Jan

Balloons are great for every occasion you can come across, but they are usually pretty straight forward. Most people just buy them, tie them up, and let them sit until they deflate within the next couple days. Not anymore! There are so many things you can do with balloons that you would never of even thought of! Try some of these tips out for your next party or just because you want to spice things up and make your balloons stand out from the crowd. There’s nothing wrong with that! You will be shocked at all of the different things you can do with balloons. Who would of known?!

1. String up some balloons for an easy garland.

Wouldn’t this look great at your next party? It’s cheap and doesn’t take a lot of time.


2. Use paint to make boring balloons look unique and beautiful.

All this takes is some balloons and paint. Another inexpensive way to make ordinary balloons look amazing!


3. Add fringe to the string of the balloon.

Doesn’t this make what would be an ordinary balloon a lot more fun?!


4. Cover your balloons with colorful pom poms.

Another idea where your ordinary balloons are no longer so ordinary!

pom poms

5. Use frozen water balloons to keep your beverages cold at your party. 

I bet your guests will have never seen such a cool idea before!


6. Photos hanging from balloons.

This is perfect for weddings or anniversaries! How romantic!!

photos hanging

7.  Winter snowflake balloons.

These would be perfect for the winter season!


8. Make a balloon and streamer backdrop.

This would look perfect for a party!


9.  Birthday balloon wreath.

Another clever and inexpensive idea you can do for your next party!


10. Money Balloons.

Put confetti and money inside of your balloons and tie them with a big bow for a gift! It looks a lot better than just giving someone money.


Don’t have time to do it yourself? Or are you not good at doing projects?  Don’t worry we can remove your stress. Give us a call at 216-341-5100 today and we can bring your event to the next level stress free. You can buy quality uninflated balloons from us too! 


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