Winter Hacks

14 Jan

The time is here where snow fills the streets and causes problems for all of us on our daily commute. Fear no more! Here are some winter hacks to help you get through the winter season.

Hacks for your car

winter hacks

  1. If your car gets stuck in the snow put kitty litter underneath the tires to create traction! But if you do get stuck and there are no other options use your floor mats to try to create traction!
  2. Put a pair of socks in your glove box! In case you do end up stuck in the snow somewhere you can put the socks over your shoes. This way you will create traction and won’t slip as easily!
  3. Another trick you can do with socks is to put them on your windshield wipers at night to prevent your wipers from freezing. This way you won’t be as angry when you wake up in the morning and there is snow on your car!
  4. One thing most people forget to check when brushing snow off their car is to check the side mirrors of their car and then you start driving and you realize you can’t see. Instead of this happening at night you can place zip lock bags on your side mirrors to prevent ice from forming on them.
  5. Park your car facing east so that the sun will melt some of the snow off of your car.

Keeping warm and Saving Energy

winter hacks1

  1. Electric blankets don’t use a lot of energy. Use these at night and you can turn your heat down!
  2. Get thick curtains to keep heat inside!! They even sell curtains that are made to keep heat inside your home.
  3. Put window insulator tape on your windows to keep cold air out!
  4. Use your oven as much as you can and after you’re done using it, keep it open to take advantage of the leftover heat.
  5. Turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees and then throw on a hoodie or a sweater to keep warm. You won’t even notice the difference if you dress the right way.

Beauty tips

winer hacks2

  1. Take lukewarm showers and keep them short. This allows for your natural oils to say in your skin and for your skin to avoid dryness.
  2. Wear cotton gloves after you put lotion on your hands to lock in the moisturizer. 
  3. Use a humidifier to reduce nose bleeds and dryness of skin.
  4. Take Vitamin D. Your body naturally produces this when you’re in the sunlight, but since your body won’t be seeing much sunlight in the winter , make sure you give yourself plenty of Vitamin D.
  5. The winter season can have a lot of people feeling gloomy. Get out in the natural light. This will help boost your mood even if it doesn’t feel like it is. 




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