Creative Ideas for International Balloon Month

25 Aug
Send some smiles next month while celebrating an international holiday with the Balloon Crew!
That’s right: next month was designated by the International Balloon Association (IBA) as International Balloon Month, and we couldn’t be more excited!
Need help deciding on an event or occasion that warrants balloons? Look no further than our expert party planners! We’ve got tons of ideas up our sleeves to help you join in the balloon madness next month!
bouquet comp
  1. Send Some Appreciation
    • Did you recently have an exceptional experience with a new company or service provider? Let them know with a Thank You bouquet! This unexpected gesture will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Plus, we can even include a personalized note with delivery!
  2. Wish Your Special Sporty Someone Good Luck
    • Did your son just make the football team? Maybe your neice is the new volleyball captain? Recognize their accomplishments with a balloon surprise!
  3. Spread the Love
    • Although October may seem far away, Sweetest Day is right around the corner. Plus, you don’t really ever need a reason to tell someone how you feel! Send a romantic bouquet for a fun deviation from the expected flowers-and-chocolates routine.
  4. Ring in the Autumn Season
    • The days are getting shorter, and the leaves will soon be changing color! Help someone see the beauty of the autumn season with a festive, leaf-adorned bouquet!

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