Rising Decor Prices Got You Down?

6 Feb

By now, avid balloon fans will have noticed that the cost of helium-filled bouquets and displays have risen since the end of January. This increase doesn’t stem from greed in the balloon industry; on the contrary, we at The Balloon Crew are more dedicated than ever to providing clients with top-of-the-line, affordable event decorations! Unfortunately, affordable now has a new meaning due to rising costs of the gas used to create much of what we offer.

Helium is a gas used to cool hospitals’ MRI scanners and also plays a crucial role in anti-terrorist organizations’ radiation scanners. We know it as a tool used to brighten the days of thousands each year through balloon displays. It is also a fast-depleting non-renewable resource.

The helium shortage began in 1996 when the Helium Privatization Act was passed, allowing this precious resource to be sold at record-low prices. While this didn’t seem bad at the time, it did make preserving helium seem pointless: who would limit their use of a gas that was so cheap? It simply wasn’t worth it.

Sixteen years later, helium distributors are feeling the consequences. Some are charging considerably more while others don’t even have helium to sell. And balloon companies have been pushed to the bottom of the barrel, because providing entertainment comes after healthcare and the nation’s safety. Luckily for Balloon Crew, we have a contract with our distributor that requires them to provide us with some of their limited helium supply, although it will be at double last year’s price.

It saddens us to do this, but as a result of the doubled price we have begun adding a helium surcharge to orders involving this rare gas. If you aren’t prepared to pay the added fee, check out some of our amazing air-filled designs like these!


Check out another person’s reaction to the rising costs of helium, by Life o’ the Party’s Mark Zettler.

And if you have any questions about the surcharge, please contact us or read one of the articles below:

“Why the World is Running Out of Helium,” The Independent
“Helium Shortage Puts a Pinch on Party Balloons,” USA Today
“Last Federal Helium Reserve, near Amarillo, is Running Out,” Star-Telegram


One Response to “Rising Decor Prices Got You Down?”

  1. Jacquie February 8, 2012 at 4:24 pm #

    Yeah and by 2015 they say a helium balloon will cost $10! So celebrate now!

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