Making an Entrance that POPS!!

12 Aug

This weekend Cleveland’s Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame will be welcoming their 8 millionth visitor. I think we need to take some inspiration from the partiers at the Rock Hall and put it into our own celebrations. I’m thinking balloon drops; 500 neon colored balloons cascading around you making the perfect entrance and an even more memorable photo op. If it’s perfect for the Rock Hall’s special moment (and the 7 millionth “moment”, as well!), why not use it for you?

Imagine this, you have that special entrance and BANG, POP, DROP; there they all go. You’ve got balloons surrounding you, astounding all your guests and showing off the true center of attention. Brides, corporations and even restaurants all across the Cleveland area are jumping up at the idea of a balloon drop, and they’ve got reasons to do so. As far as special effect so, balloon drops are definitely within the budget-friendly category. From a simple cascade to an awe-inspiring rush of color in motion, your balloon drop can be personalized to your needs and budget.

Drop and pops add the perfect element of decor and surprise to any type of event. Whether you’re looking for an extra touch to your wedding, a way to make your Bar or Bat Mitzvah stand out or even just a chance to play like a kid again, balloon drops will give you all you need and more!


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