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17 Jun

It feels like I wait six months out of the year for these next three months. Summer’s here, and I am absolutely in love! I love that shining sun (even if my sunburn doesn’t). I adore those summer BBQ’s (even if my diet starts to falter). And I even love those darn chirping birds (even though they wake me up early when all I want to do is sleep until ten).

However, as a balloon professional there are certain aspects of summer that always seems to put my stomach in knots. Outdoor celebrations are what makes summer…well, summer. Parties at the lake, backyard bbq’s, baseball games: fantastic summertime events! But, when you’re decorating an outdoor celebration you need to keep Mother Nature in mind. I’ve seen customer after customer walk into our office planning for their ideal outdoor celebration, and most of them take our advice when ordering decor, but some of them don’t and those are the parties that put my stomach in knots.

I’ve made a promise to myself and my customers this summer– outdoor decor it is, and we’ll do our best to make it happen! Just follow these helpful hints, listen to your designers and be as creative as possible!

1) Don’t Blow Up my Balloon! Puff it up with air!!

Helium-filled balloons are fantastic for that extra add of pizzazz, but not when their’s wind involved! Stick with air-filled designs to make sure that your decor remains neat, stable and won’t be popped by any pesky trees. The air-filled topiaries are my personal favorite and can be used to lead guests where they need to go. Choose the 5″ topiary for a smaller design or go big with an 11″ style to really make an impression.

2) Go Big or Go Home– With Decor Frames!

Just because you’re outside, doesn’t mean you can’t go over-the-top with balloon sculptures! All you need to do is add that extra “umph” of support. We’ve mastered the art of using metal frames and heavy base plates to keep decor stable. Columns, sculptures, arches, and even balloon pigs all need that extra support to keep themselves stable in this unpredictable Cleveland summertime weather.

3) Somewhere Over the Rainbow Arch Way Up High!

Some of my fondest Balloon Crew memories involve my Balloon Crew partner-in-crime, Susan, and I waking up early summer morngs to create absolutely astonishing balloon archways. When it comes to an outdoor celebration, your arch really does need to go big or go home. We’ve got pleanty of arch styles to choose from, but make sure that your arch has pleanty of helium lift to keep it stable throughout the entire party. Packed, Spiral or Crescent Moon Archways work best in my experience. They’re large enough so that they won’t blow around and grand enough to really make an impact. These are also great for any walk, run or ride you’re planning for this summer– imagine seeing that rainbow in the distance as your run the last few miles!!

There they are. My helpful decor hints– keep them in mind! If you have any other ideas, give us a jingle. Mother Nature can be a powerful force, don’t ignore her!

See you at the lake & remember to wear your sunblock!

Party on,



One Response to “BCI– Your Outdoor Decor Specialists”

  1. Jacquie July 7, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    Nice tips Marina! Thanks for the info!

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