A "Window" from the Past

3 Nov

Throughout my life I’ve been told that I’m an “old soul” in a “young body.” At times, I really do wish that I was born earlier…not necessarily to be wiser and have that perfect hint of gray, but rather to have experienced my hometown, Cleveland, during its glory days. Jacquie, a Cleveland-history genius and Balloon Crew Supreme Commander, constantly tells stories of the Cleveland of her youth.

I’m told that the Holiday Season in Cleveland was the time of all times. The time for parades, music, and ice skating, but most of all the time for extravagant creativity and ingenious designs. I’m talking about HOLIDAY WINDOWS! I’ve never really seen one, but thinking about it still makes me happy!! Imagine the wonder on a small child’s face as he or she stares at all of the little gadgets and gizmo’s; their hope that the perfect little gift will be given during the holiday season.

It is with that creativity from the past that the Balloon Crew designs for the future. Simply stated–I get to play window designer!! Our pretty little window shines bright over Garfield Blvd. and celebrates the everyday occasions of the year. Holidays, birthdays, celebrations–whatever the world throws at us, we’ll throw a party right back!!

If you’re ever in the area swing on by and admire our pretty little window. You’ll get to relive your childhood as you stare in wonder at all the fancy balloon gadgets and gizmo’s.

Party on!



One Response to “A "Window" from the Past”

  1. T November 5, 2009 at 12:21 am #

    Wow, I love it … Outstanding display window !!!

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