6 Apr

Hi Baseball and Balloon Fans!

On Friday the Balloon Crew will be at the home opener releasing 3,000 helium balloons for the 5 th time! The Indians liked it so much in 2005, they kept inviting us back. And thanks to Sherri Foxman from for helping us get the job!

It is so exciting standing out on the field with 15 of our staff trying to hold down 5 nets that have 600 balloons in it. You would not believe how much lift is in that net! We use 80 pounds of free weight. One year it was so windy, one of the nets got a way and started to release! Fortunately, they were announcing the team members so it looked like it was supposed to happen! The baseball gods were looking down on us that day!

And who can forget 2007 with the “Snow-pener“! It snowed so long that I lost count of how many times the grounds crew had to go out and blow the snow off with leave blowers! They even hauled some of the snow off and had it melting down by the loading dock that day!

Hope it makes the front page again this year! We love to see that!

Best regards,
Balloon Crew, Inc.
Jacquie, Susan, Kathy, Marina, Terry, Denise and Ryan


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