17 Dec

It’s the holiday season already! It seems as though we were just ordering for customers for New Year’s 2008! How time flies….Last week we created 54 of the most gorgeous bouquets literally overnight to adirn the tables for Providence House, a crisis care nursery in Cleveland. We designed bouquets to sit on the auction tables and represent the items for sale! A giant shoe and purse for the shopping spree inNew York City, various Disney characters for the Disney package as well as Strawberry Shortcake, Dora, Elmo and Spiderman to go with their themed auction items. My favorite was the Bay Girl and Boy bouquets with a GIANT Pink or Blue foot as well as a balloon pacifier and “Birth Certificate” balloon!

For the first time ever, we are delivering on Christmas Eve for a woman’s 40th birthday! Her sister is sending her 3 different sets of balloons to dazzle her for her birthday! We are creating “winter wonderland” columns and a “Sassy Gal” bouquet with maribou feather accents! Too cute!

New Year’s Eve will be a busy day with FIVE (5) customer events! We are doing some the day before, but the biggest ones have to be set up the same day. Imagine 1,000 balloons being dropped at midnight on all the customers of a comedy club! It’s an amazing site!

Well, from all the crew here: Jacquie, Susan, Denise, Kathy, Marina and Ryan we’d like to with you Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men and a Successful and Happy New Year!



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