Balloon Convention here we are!

17 Nov

Just drove 3.5 hours from Cleveland to Cincinnati to experience “Float” the Convention. As a balloon professional and owner of Balloon Crew, Inc., I am a proponent of education. Denise, as the newest employee is excited about learning new ideas and seeing new products.

We show up at registration and find out they don’t have our paperwork, so we go check into the hotel room at Great Wolf Lodge and then come back down to see if we can help anyone finish their competition pieces. We find that everyone is finished, so we chat with other delegates until it’s time for the “Welcoming Festivities”! What a presentation! Giant balloon test tubes lit from inside along with a balloon drop of “balloon molecules” ( I’ll post a photo). Great theme!

We got to view the large sculptures: A beautiful 9 foot tall carousel horse, a Blue Water Dragon, a bathtub with bubbles and a Mexican siesta scene with a smiling donkey! Too cute!

Classes start tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what we can learn to make Balloon Crew a better value to our customers!



One Response to “Balloon Convention here we are!”

  1. design demon November 21, 2008 at 5:50 pm #

    What a wonderful business you have!!I can not believe all of the new designs and equipment you got at the balloon convention. Customers beware!! If your decorating company does not attend a convention on a yearly basis, come to us….WE DO AND IT’S FOR YOU!!

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